Friday, 3 May 2013

This website was created as part of an ICT project with pupils from Years 3 - 6 at The Dharma Primary School. It includes their interpretation of Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation practice. 

Although this website is no longer active, our pupils continue to share their thoughts and ideas in the Pupils' Mindfulness Blog on our school website at We hope you will continue to read their blog and to offer your comments and encouragement. 

Our school website includes a section on Mindfulness and you may also wish to sign up to The Dharma Primary School's Mindfulness in Education Newsletter for updates on how we integrate Buddhist mindfulness practice within our curriculum, activities and ethos.

You are still welcome to leave comments about this project in the box below this blog post, but comments on individual pages within this project are now closed.

Thank you

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Who Has Been To See Us!

Below is a map the school has been filling in as we have people visit our website! Currently we have had around 5,100 people come see us from places such as;

Canada, USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Jamaica, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Uruguay, UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungry, Macedonia Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Russia, Turkey, Jordan, Morocco, South Africa, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Kazakhstan, China, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.   


Buddhism (A Quick Intro)

Want to know more about Buddhism?

Have a read of our children-friendly Buddhism section. CLICK HERE.

The Glass Is Always Full.

Last week we were lucky enough to have our old Headmaster come to visit us for a little chat. His name is Kevin Fossey. He spoke to us about the life of the Buddha and other things. Some of the things he mentioned we thought would be worth telling you guys.

At one point during his talk he asked one of us to fetch him a glass of water. Once he received it he explained that he had two choices he could make. 

1) He could moan and argue and be upset by the fact his glass had been filled only half way up. 2) He could thank Innez for the water she had delivered for him and acknowledge the kindness she had shown.

(In case you were wondering he chose number 2!)

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Non-Fiction Meditation, Mindfulness & Life Of The Buddha Books.

Non-Fiction Meditation, Mindfulness & Life Of The Buddha Books.

A big thank you needs to go out to all the children in Ocean Class who worked extremely hard this month making their non-fiction books based on their school, life of the Buddha and mindfulness and meditation. What they have contributed in class and in their books is what you see on this website. Congratulations Ocean Class and have a well earned break!

After our Easter break we will spend the afternoon with another school in Brighton and give our books as a gift and play some mindfulness games with their children in Year 4. 

Duct-Tape Maze

Duct-Tape Maze

A new mindful mind activity we have been playing before we broke up for our Easter break was The Duct Tape Maze.

Watch the video below which explains everything;

- Draw out a 4x4 square on the floor using duct-tape (or any other kind of tape really). 
- Have an adult or another class member draw our a route on and off the maze on a piece of paper.
- Take it in turns as a class to try and predict the route through the maze. (You do this silently, taking in what is happening)
- If you go the wrong way the person holding the route should shout "beep".
- The next member of the class has to try and remember the route so far and continue.
- Continue until as a class you find the complete route!

This activity helps us practice mindful mind skills such as managing distractions, noticing, perseverance, present moment, revising, planning, trying things out, reasoning, interdependence, collaboration, thinking time, 

For more mindful mind activities for your children please CLICK HERE.