Saturday, 30 March 2013

Duct-Tape Maze

Duct-Tape Maze

A new mindful mind activity we have been playing before we broke up for our Easter break was The Duct Tape Maze.

Watch the video below which explains everything;

- Draw out a 4x4 square on the floor using duct-tape (or any other kind of tape really). 
- Have an adult or another class member draw our a route on and off the maze on a piece of paper.
- Take it in turns as a class to try and predict the route through the maze. (You do this silently, taking in what is happening)
- If you go the wrong way the person holding the route should shout "beep".
- The next member of the class has to try and remember the route so far and continue.
- Continue until as a class you find the complete route!

This activity helps us practice mindful mind skills such as managing distractions, noticing, perseverance, present moment, revising, planning, trying things out, reasoning, interdependence, collaboration, thinking time, 

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