Sunday, 24 March 2013

Meditation & Mindfulness Haiku

Meditation & Mindfulness Haiku

The poetic form of the Haiku has a strong connection with mindfulness, since each one expresses the present moment vividly. We simply read some examples and the children then found them quite easy to write. Please take a look at their results below;

The silence calms you, 
Your thoughts will overtake you, 
But sight can end it.

Why look at others, 
When they're sitting quietly?
You can meditate.

He sits under trees, 
His golden face is not numb,
Clear your mind, listen.

On the clear water, 
The pink flower sitting there,
Is floating away. It's gone.

I'm meditating under,
A tree but its feels like,
I'm falling.

The fresh seed is born, 
It rises up high, 
Then it will bloom.

The baton feels the bell, 
Sound wavers to and fro,
A slow diminuendo.

Calms you down,
Finds out things you did not know,

Keep the bad thought in,
Breathe in slowly,
Just walk away.

It sit,
My body at peace,

Looking at a candle,
See it move and flicker,
Then it goes out.

Your mind is a mist,
Waiting to clear,
Waiting for you to notice it.

All by our year 5/6's

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