Monday, 25 March 2013

StickArt Meditation & Mindfulness Activity

Today in Ocean we had an opportunity to try out a new mindfulness activity called StickArt.

New Mindfulness activity

The idea is that you sit in a circle and take it turns to place "pipe-cleaners" onto the floor in a particular shape. We take it in turns. Soon there should be a pattern or a picture created. You do this without talking, this helps us focus on mindful mind skills such as thinking time, noticing, present moment, interdependence, collaboration and trying things out

One aspect of the game we enjoyed was that no "one" person was in charge and you never really knew what it was going to turn into. You could never pinpoint exactly WHO made the picture, never pinpoint THE moment it became THE idea.

We found it a challenge to let go of what we had in mind for the picture and to accept the way it was evolving. The letting go aspect is very much related to our Buddhist ethos, not getting too attached to particular ideas and allow others to participate was important and actually what made the pieces of art SO creative in the end!

Below are some examples of our first attempts at this game. You should try too! Please send us your StickArt so we can add them from all over the world!

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