Friday, 3 May 2013

This website was created as part of an ICT project with pupils from Years 3 - 6 at The Dharma Primary School. It includes their interpretation of Buddhism, mindfulness and meditation practice. 

Although this website is no longer active, our pupils continue to share their thoughts and ideas in the Pupils' Mindfulness Blog on our school website at We hope you will continue to read their blog and to offer your comments and encouragement. 

Our school website includes a section on Mindfulness and you may also wish to sign up to The Dharma Primary School's Mindfulness in Education Newsletter for updates on how we integrate Buddhist mindfulness practice within our curriculum, activities and ethos.

You are still welcome to leave comments about this project in the box below this blog post, but comments on individual pages within this project are now closed.

Thank you


  1. Great project, looking forward to more posts in your Pupils' Mindfulness Blog on your school site

  2. Fantastic blog full of great ideas and activities. Wish I'd taught at your school. Have linked to this blog from our Facebook page so other parents and children interested in Mindfulness can find it.