Our Teachers

These are our teachers at the Dharma School. We've included a little bit about them, their strengths, our favourite memories and the subjects they love to teach.

Phil Ferguson - Deputy Head/SENCO
Phil loves books/poems, seriously! AND CATS!!! She helps beginners at reading and literacy. She is very kind and took as all up to London to see the theatre production of War Horse. SHE EVEN GOT US ICE-CREAM!

Ross Young-Years 3/4
Ross is a class teacher and I.T teacher. He is the one that set this blog up! He and Gill Davies take us for games! Here is a poem/song that two class members made up about Ross!

Gill Davies - Years 3/4
Gill is Years 3/4 class teacher but she  teaches Year 5/6 science .She loves rugby and she is a very good games teacher too.

Caroline Woods - Years 1/2
Caroline does yoga a lot and she really likes it. She loves to teach the little kids and ensures they have fun lessons that also educate them.

Lynne Baldwin - Year 1/2
Lynne is also a younger years teacher. She is a really creative and is not strict. She teaches us art and THAT IS REALLY FUN!

Teaching Assistants

Abby - Drama teacher
Abby is extremely nice and a really fun assistant. She is not just an assistant she also teaches Ocean class drama and dance to Ocean and Lotus on Fridays. Outside Abby shares her circus skills with kids.

Steve - T/A Mountain and Lotus
Steve mostly works in Mountain class but on Wednesdays works in Lotus class. He is amazing at art/portraits. Steve is really nice and good with us children.

Kelly - T/A Ocean class
Kelly is an Ocean class assistant as well. She is great at playing outside games and P.E. She is a great person to share your feelings and worries with.

Niki - T/A Mountain class
Niki is a Mountain assistant and is also amazing at art, She is creative with the children.

Jess - T/A Mountain class
Jess is loved by all the children. She plays lots of games with Mountain and they really enjoy them.


  1. I really really like all the teachers there kind and fun and I love being at my school.

  2. Ocean class teacher Ross is really really fun with mathematics

  3. I like Gill because shies really good at topic & Science

    aged 8

  4. Caroline is very good at teaching Topics because she explains things very well, she is creative as well as kind.

  5. My teachers are like superman because they are really nice and lovely.

  6. I like Gill because her lessons are interesting/exciting. - Aged 8