Wicked Websites

wicked websites

Meditation and Mindfulness Websites chosen by children for kids.

Hello, this page is a collection of cool websites we have found/use at school/home about mindfulness and meditation. If you have any websites you would like to see on this page please comment their link (webpage address)below and we will add them!

Relax Inside


Relax inside is a really cool website for doing meditation at school or at home. It's cool because you get to choose the background and music you meditate to. In Ocean class we take it in turns to choose a our favourite background for the rest of the class to meditate to.

Magical Awakening


Magical Awakening is a really cool game. We have to try and create a peaceful space for the character (a dog) to meditate. There are lots of things in his life to distract him from being mindful and it is your job to try and help the character from his or her distractions. - It works really well on an interactive whiteboard!

Hello Dharma School

Hello Dharma School is one of the only Dharma Apps for iPad/iPhone children we could find, but boy is it a good one! It has colourful illustrations and easy language that even younger children like our Mountain Class could understand (5/6 Years old) It's always touchable and interactive!

Buddha Balance 

This is another app for your phone or tablet which helps young children understand relaxation with a game to stay in a meditative state as still and as long as possible. Relax. Breathe deeply. Hold still so you don't fall off the mountain top. A fun way to introduce meditation to young children, like our Mountain children (Years 1/2)Set your own breathing speed. Relax and have fun.


  1. I like the school it is really fun

  2. I like relax inside because it is a fun way to meditate - Aged 8.

  3. it is fun to do the games especially relax inside because it helps you meditate.