This is how we keep safe online as well as being good online citizens at The Dharma School.

Here at the Dharma School we love the internet and recent developments in technology mean that we have fantastic resources to help us learn, be independent and have fun! It is vital that you learn how to be safe though!

  • Our school takes e-safety very seriously and our ICT teacher wants us to share this link for more detailed information on how our school keeps us safe (for grown ups) ,click here…
  • For an excellent parent’s guide full of facts and information click here…
Websites for kids!

Is designed to provide easy information on how to keep safe online. It has sections for children of all ages to explore and learn from. (As well as stuff for parents.)

kidsmartIs a website designed to teach children how to keep safe on the internet. It is fun and interactive, with quizzes and games!

Is a really important place to go if you are feeling unhappy, stressed, bullied online. They can help.

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