- Five Precepts

The Five Precepts

The Five Precepts for our School and Community

We have highlighted "try" because we know that these can sometimes be really, really difficult! Sometimes even impossible! But the trick is just to try really hard, trust us, people appreciate it.
  1. I will try not intentionally harm people, animals, plants and any part of our school environment, caring for them in a way I would like to be cared for myself or looking after the school in a way I would like my own belongings to be looked after.
  2. I will try not to take things that belong to others, remember to ask when borrowing, and try to share when appropriate.
  3. I will try to be caring towards my friends and be respectful at all times even to those who are not my friends.
  4. I will try to say things that are honest and truthful, and be mindful in my speech and voice.
  5. I will try to keep my body fit and healthy and my mind calm and clear by following that which brings health and happiness.

Psssstt by the way...."Precept" kinda means guide.

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