- Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths were taught by the Buddha as a way to try and stop unhappiness in your life. He said;

1. We will sometimes be unhappy.

2. There is a reason why we are sometimes unhappy.

3. You can try to stop your unhappiness.

4. The 8 fold-path can help us to stop feeling unhappy.

As a class we thought it was important to underline YOU because it is only you that can make a change.

Sometimes we don't get the things we want and sometimes we get the things we don't want. This can make us unhappy for a while but accepting the feelings you are having and letting them go can sometimes help you see things differently.

Here are some examples of where The Four Noble Truths have helped us with unhappiness.

When I was on holiday my great Grandad died and I felt unhappy but now I remember the nice times I had with him.

I once felt unhappy when I got a dog but we didn't take his sister but the unhappiness stopped when I thought about the joy my one dog gives me.

Once my dad had to have an operation on his knee, I was unhappy because he was in pain and couldn't play football with me. While I was getting over it I focused on how much joy he gets from changing his hairstyles!

My grandpa and great granny died. I was sad for months after the funeral. I let it go by thinking about all the fun we had playing cards games and for some reason every-time I think about them, I always remember their funny laughs. Hehe.

I was unhappy because I couldn't go to Italy but I focused on spending quality time with my mum and dad. It was really fun with them. This is how I let the unhappiness go. 

When I was sick on my 5th birthday. I tried not to be unhappy. I went out and focused on what I was doing instead. I felt much better. 

One night I went to bed very late. In the morning I was VERY tired! I was angry with my dad. Afterwards I was unhappy. I let it go by accepting my feelings and saying sorry and thinking about something else.

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