Meditation (How to guide)

A meditation how to guide written by children for children.

“Meditating is a bit like learning that you have your own ‘super-power’, your own inner power that is always there if you need makes you feel strong.”

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 offer a “how to” guide to meditation that is...


What is meditation? How do you do it?

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Meditation is a way of calming  you and your mind. You can do at any time to clear your mind from stress. You need to sit in a comfortable position that suits you, with a straight back if possible.

Try to notice your breathing as it can help your awareness. 

Slowly close your eyes and try to notice your thoughts but try not to drift away. Try to notice the sounds around you, like whizzing cars or other people talking. After about a minute you can gently open your eyes again and notice the change the meditation has done to your mindfulness. You don't even have to be a Buddhist to do it.

Ocean class believe having something to focus on can help you to meditate. 

- Why not try some music, one sound (like a bell), outside noise like the birds. 
- Focus on your breathing? 
- Think happy thoughts like in Peter Pan.
- All the sounds around you.

Meditation can help us develop good habits. We sometimes send good wishes to someone we know. Our teachers help us extend these good wishes to other people to help us develop compassion and understanding.

We can meditate if we are angry or worried, or if we just want to be quiet. We sit still, close our eyes to avoid distractions and try to be calm and quiet. Sometimes we imagine we are putting our worries in a box, closing it and putting it away. After we have meditated we can look at why we were angry or worried in a different way or think of positive ways to solve a problem.

"Psssttt "Compassion" means...concern for how other people are feeling."

Why do we do it ? 

Buddha believed that through meditation you could find a way out of suffering. But we do it because it can have a positive effect on our day.
Challenges & help.

Keeping your eyes shut, keeping still and keeping your mind focus on the present moment is sometimes difficult.

Try not to picture things in your mind and "play" with the thoughts in your mind. If you know you're not in a position to meditate DON'T EVER FORCE IT!

Top Tips from us!

1) Keep eyes shut at the very least, so not to be tempted to distract others.
2) Don't ever meditate if you don't want to, never force it.
3) Try not to deliberately picture thoughts or images in your mind or "play" with them.
4) If you get distracted, focus on something easy like your breath going in and out.
5) If you get distracted why not feel your heart beating with your hand instead?
6) Always be respectful to the people who are able to meditate at that particular moment. 
7) Imagine a boat in your head, and it is dropping an anchor down into your tummy, anchoring just one thought on the boat.

Beyond meditation.

To find out more about what we do beyond meditation listen to our PODCAST here. Or take a look at our MINDFUL ACTIVITIES here. 


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