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Soldiers in U.S give Meditation a try.

Equipment can be used, but the General's most valuable things - its soldiers- Are not quite so easily bossed around. So it comes as no surprise that senior Marine General would be interested in finding ways to relieve the stress of repeated fights and arguments.

One new technique the General recently introduced to help soldiers deal with the pressures of constant exposure to fights was Meditation, but it wasn't necessarily received well at first among the angered soldiers.

But as more Marines gave meditation a try, more of them are beginning to see its value.

'I felt more relaxed'

In addition to hard core combat exercises and physical training, Soldiers at Camp Pendleton were given training and advice in meditation beginning late last year as they were training to
be sent of to Afghanistan.

I feel this is a good example of the benefits of Meditation and really shows that it can used in a number of different ways. So if it's relaxing yourself or training an army, Meditation is useful.

- Year 6 pupil

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This stenciled work features Buddha meditating in the lotus position with a black eye, bloody nose, neck brace, and bandaged left hand. He is featured with a halo surrounding his head and is sitting peacefully on a pillow, behind a stringed curtain. This work symbolizes the triumph of the mind over emotions, and at the immense power within each person when emotions are under control. Rather than seek vengeance on whoever has harmed him, he has instead decided to meditate to clear his mind of negative thoughts. The radiating halo symbolizes his saintly demeanor. The position of his hands, with the right palm raised facing out and his left hand laying against his body, represents protection, peace, and fearlessness in the Buddhist tradition. The stringed curtain indicates that the attainment of enlightenment, represented by the Buddha, is accessible to all.

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Every year, a project called V-Star Change the World brings schoolchildren to a Buddhist temple in Thailand for a day of meditation. Organisers claim that one million children attended the most recent event at the Phra Dhammakaya temple near Bangkok.The temple believes that when one million children meditate together it can help to change the world.


Dalai Lama sends good wishes to Bradford City ahead of League Cup final

League Cup finalists Bradford City have received an unexpected boost ahead of their Wembley showdown - a message of support from the Dalai Lama.

The Tibetan spiritual leader was made aware of the Bantams when he received a club shirt at a conference last year.
Now his representative has sent the League Two club a letter hailing their "tremendous achievement".
The writer, Thubten Samdup, also wished the team "every success in the big match" from "his holiness".
Claret and amber
Last month Phil Parkinson's side became the first team from the fourth tier of English football to reach a League Cup final in more than 50 years.
Their route to Wembley saw them cast aside a trio of Premier League teams: Arsenal, Aston Villa and Wigan.
Mark Neal, of fundraising group Friends of Bradford City, explained that the group had been looking for a high-profile supporter when the Dalai Lama visited Leeds for a business convention last June.
The group was struck by the similarities between the claret and amber colours of Bradford City and the traditional robes of Tibetan Buddhist monks.
Scarves and programmes
The group managed to present him with a personalised number 14 club shirt - he is the 14th Dalai Lama - and also appointed the spiritual leader as its honorary president.
Mr Neale said: "We thought we'd never hear another thing."
But he has now received the letter from the Office of Tibet sending good wishes to the team.
The letter says: "He remembers his time in Yorkshire with great affection and wishes you every success in the big match."
The group will be sending Bradford City scarves and programmes to the Dalai Lama, Mr Neal said.
The League Cup final between Bradford and Swansea City is on 24 February. (BBC News)

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