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This is where you can find our Podcasts about Meditation & Mindfulness for children by children! for children by children.

Episode 1: What is meditation? How do you do it?

Episode 2: Where does it come from? Why do we do it? 

Episode 3: Challenges and help. 

Episode 4: Beyond meditation.

Episode 5: Meditation pop-culture. 

Episode 5: Interviews.

Our podcast is now available for download at iTunes just Click here. 

Or you can listen below now! Enjoy!

To find out more about how we make these podcasts please visit our How To Podcast (For Teachers)


  1. Dear Dharma School:
    I enjoyed fully every single line written in your web page. Your school and philosophy is such a blessing.
    Im trying to start a Mindfulness program in my daughters school. People is ready!!! they see the need in the world and need more people to share that knowledge. Thank you for being there in my experience.... I learned a lot through your page.


  2. Yes, i agree. so inspirational.
    I'm so grateful to have been able to access this divine offering.

  3. Hello!
    I am a primary school teacher at a school in Birmingham and have just discovered your fantastic website whilst planning my RE lessons on Buddhism. I especially love the podcasts - inspirational! Well done, Dharma School!